You All Float Down There

Floatation and sensory deprivation were first explored in the early 1950s; a scientist began to experiment with what would happen were someone to have all of his or her senses denied to him or her. The theory was based on heightened senses when someone loses one of his or hers; for example, a blind person will often have enhanced hearing. The theory was that depriving someone of all of his or her senses would result in strengthening of the mind. As meditation and mindfulness have grown in popularity throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries, sensory deprivation has become more and more popular. More and more people are seeking it out for different reasons.

The Pod

A float pod in Perth is supposed to deprive you of all of your senses and help you to experience nothingness. The experience is very disorienting for many people but you can learn a lot about yourself. It works by blocking out all light. Then, the chamber also blocks out all sound and smell. Finally, blocking your sense of touch is the most difficult. To deprive you of your sense of touch, you are suspended in water that contains about 500 kilograms of epsom salts in 1000 litres of water. That will closely mimic the viscosity of your blood and allow you to float off the ground. Since you’ll be suspended, you’ll essentially be weightless and not feel your body.

Furthermore, the water in the pod is raised to exactly body temperature so it becomes impossible to determine where your body begins and where the water ends. In that state, you can explore the contours of your mind.

Exploring Your Mind

Exploring your mind can be frightening at times but you can learn a lot about yourself. Typical meditation practices are focused on being mindful of your body and your thoughts. The next step in mindfulness is sensory deprivation. When you are deprived of your senses, you cannot determine the contours of your body; you can only focus on your thoughts. That will give you a heightened awareness and control over your thoughts.

The Results

Floatation therapy has physical as well as psychological effects. On the physical effects, you will be able to fully relax because all of the weight is taken off of your bones and joints. Furthermore, you will absorb magnesium from the epsom salts. They have been proven to soften the skin, heal muscles, and reinvigorate your bones. On a psychological level, you’ll be able to fully relax and deal with your thoughts in a forthright manner. That time spent alone with your thoughts will help you become more comfortable with them.

There are dozens more benefits of meditating in a floatation pod. Many people find themselves benefitting greatly from the practice.

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