Why do we neglect our weight when it can lead to many fatal diseases!

If we look around, we will find a lot of overweight people around us. The world is changing and now people are becoming comfortable in their own skin the way they are. However, being comfortable and suffering from a deadly disease are two different things. Liking yourself the way you are is actually good but only when you are not putting your body in any danger.

Nowadays, we just want to overload ourselves with those extra calories but when the time comes to shed those extras, we start talking about fallacies that are present in the world since ages. According to the latest research; one-third population of the world is obese or overweight and this number does not seem to stop. In fact, since the last two decades, it has risen tremendously leading to major health issues, such as;

  • Diabetes:

In the world today more than 84% of people are suffering from diabetes or are obese. This may be because overweight people are immune from insulin.  Insulin plays a major role in generating energy in our body as it transports the sugar from the blood to the cells which convert this sugar into energy. However, when the body becomes insulin resistant, then this cycle cannot be followed and the body in return suffers a lot.

  • High Blood Pressure:

In America, amongst the top causes of death in adults, high blood pressure is one major cause. Now, if this does not bother you then what else would! Researchers say people who are obese or overweight have enlarged blood volumes causing high blood pressure and further which leads to diabetes and major heart-related issues. If being overweight is leading to fatal diseases that are inter-linked then why not do something about it? To ensure your weight is appropriate according to your age, we suggest considering probiotics for weight loss.

  • Cancer Symptoms:

A latest research has been concluded, that says, if a human is obese or overweight then his chance of suffering from cancer goes up by 50% and in case of women the risk is even higher; if you weigh more than 20 pounds then you may be suffering from cancer. To save yourself from cancer, we recommend you to do regular exercise, take proper and healthy meals, and have supplements that provide you all the nutrients and minerals your body needs.

Major Heart Issues:

The heart is also not immune from obesity! Having a heart attack or a stroke is normal when obese. Our heart health is directly correlated to our weight as studies have shown that people having more weight are at a higher risk of having a heart attack or a stroke below the age of 35

All in all, there is a list of diseases that are an after-effect of obesity like; depression, skin problems, infertility, high cholesterol levels, back pain etc. all this can be avoided by just taking proper care of your lifestyle and adding organic supplements to your food chain.

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