Why Buy an Electronic Cigarette

Health has become a massive industry worldwide and any products which improve your wellbeing are very popular. There are now items on the market, which imitate the feeling of having a cigarette without the harmful side-effects. E-cigarettes are relatively new, but they are fast becoming a widespread alternative to conventional cigarettes. The following article will discuss the product in more detail.

What are electronic cigarettes?

E-cigs are an alternative to regular cigarettes, they are battery powered products which are made to look and feel like a normal cigarette. They contain liquid capsules, which are replaceable, these capsules contain flavoured nicotine. The device works by heating the liquid to produce a vapor, which the user smokes, they press a button to control how much vapor exits the device. Buyers have a choice whether to purchase liquid capsules, known as e-liquid with nicotine or without. You don’t require a lighter or match to use the product, a battery powers the device and helps to create the vapor when a person wants to smoke. E-cig batteries are usually rechargeable, so users don’t have to constantly purchase batteries for the device.

They contain a safety mechanism which prevents them coming on unintentionally when the user puts the item in their pockets or bag. To turn on the e-cig users must click the device a few times to switch it on, this safety feature ensures it won’t turn on accidently if pressed once by mistake.

How does it produce smoke?

It doesn’t produce the same type of smoke as a cigarette, smoke is produced from a cigarette when tobacco is burnt, an e-cig doesn’t contain tobacco. When you buy an electronic cigarette, you must also purchase liquid capsules for the device, these capsules contain e-liquid. This liquid is then vaporised by a component called an atomiser, this vapor is what e-cig users smoke. It essentially imitates a conventional cigarette without the use of tobacco and all its harmful agents.

What does e-liquid taste like?

The e-liquid can be purchased in numerous different flavours, unlike regular cigarettes. The user can try different brands and find one which they enjoy smoking. They come in flavours such as:

  • Menthol
  • Tobacco
  • Whiskey
  • Apple

Most high quality electronic cigarette suppliers will offer a large selection of flavours for you to select from, they are reasonably priced and don’t cost as much as regular cigarettes. The capsules are easy to refill and last for a substantial period.

Why are they better than regular cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have numerous benefits and most health professionals will admit they are a much safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. They don’t contain as much toxins because they don’t use tobacco to produce vapor. They can be purchased without nicotine while still giving the illusion of a regular smoke.

It can be challenging to give up smoking cigarettes without any assistance, changing to an e-cigarette is a great step towards kicking the habit. Studies suggest that a lot of ex-smokers found it easier to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes. They are more affordable and far safer that regular cigarettes.

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