What Pieces Of Equipment Can You Add To Your Treatment Room For 2018

It is so very important to constantly renew and replace equipment in your dental practice to ensure you offer the best service and care for your patients. By investing in cutting edge equipment, the quality of your service will improve, leading to happy patients and they’ll be more likely to come back to your practice in the future, according to leading dental supplies website GPSDent.com.

Here are 2 pieces of equipment that you may consider adding to your treatment room for 2018.

iCAM Intraoral Video Camera


One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the iCAM Intraoral Video Camera. We found this camera extremely easy to use. The features and the quality of the camera are similar to other cameras available such as the SuniCam and the DexCam. It is essential to select a camera that can be used with your tablet or PC, and this is possible with the iCAM.

Be sure that went you are buying an intraoral camera that you ensure it can work with MiPacs/Dental Eye software.

Whilst the megapixel rating may seem low by today’s standards, the 1.3 MP resolution is able to provide a clear view of the patient’s oral cavity. You will be glad to hear that it comes with a one-year warranty, so if you ever had any problems with the camera, you would be able to return it for repair or for a replacement.


This is a piece of equipment that all dentists would find useful in our opinion.

This hand-held x-ray generator can function by making use of a high frequency inverter which is able to produce an x-ray output, which offers a perfect representation of the patient’s teeth like a normal x-ray would. This has benefits to the overall health of the patient, as the X-Ray2Go can minimize the time from which the patient and dentist is exposed to x-rays.

The window which is on the body of the X-Ray2Go can provide a lot of information, as it details the exposure time, amount of battery (this is important, so the x-ray doesn’t stop working during a procedure) and the status of the unit.

The X-Ray2Go is far less intimidating for a patient compared to a traditional x-ray. To the patient, it looks like it is a special camera and they are a lot more at ease as a result, which means the dentist can perform the x-ray as quick and as simply as possible. This exciting piece of dental technology is available for sale at http://www.gpsdent.com/x-ray2go/.

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