The Workout to Do When You Don’t Have Much Time

If you are looking for a workout that you can do in a hurry, you should talk to your personal trainer about hitting combination exercises that target your major muscle groups. The most common way to work out if you have a lot of time is to target one or two muscle groups each day. This means that you’ll have a day for your legs, a day for your back, and so on. However, if you don’t have time to get to the gym every day, you need to streamline that process. That’s also ideal for people who are looking for a very specific kind of fitness. If you’re looking for an overall boost to your fitness and strength, you need to hit major muscle groups in a circuit.

The Circuit

You should ask your personal trainer about doing circuits of Olympic lifts. If you go to the Liverpool City Centre Gym, you’ll find everything that you need to do Olympic lifts. These are called that because they are the lifts that are the typical powerlifting categories for the Olympic Games. They are compound lifts that hit many major muscle groups at once and also engage stabiliser muscles. One such lift is a full clean and press. The full clean and press engages the legs, the back, the chest, and the shoulders.

The lift begins with a barbell on the floor; you deadlift it off the ground. You then jerk the bar up to your shoulders. Finally, you press it over your head. It is a core lift in powerlifting competitions and is a great way to engage many muscles. Bench press is another lift that is ideal for someone who has a short amount of time; it’s not as complex or as compound as a full clean but it does engage the triceps, shoulders, and chest.

You should combine a few more Olympic lifts with your set to really hit the upper body. You should ask your trainer which lifts are recommended for someone who wants to work his or her upper body in a hurry.

Lower Body Circuit

The lower body portion of the circuit is all about attacking major parts of your legs. You should begin with squats. They are integral to any leg workout. Squats work the gluteus muscles as well as the hamstrings. Also, they work the quadriceps. Finally, when you incorporate calf raises, you’ll hit most of the major muscle groups in your legs. If you do all of these lifts together, you’ll incorporate most of your major muscles in a very economical workout. You should ask your trainer about a bespoke workout that doesn’t take up much time. It might be exactly what you need to boost your fitness.

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