The Tailored Approach to Eating Better and Feeling Healthier

It’s no secret that obesity has fast become a huge epidemic in our society. There are now more fast foods available than ever before and this junk food is full of fats, processed ingredients, and sugars. The combination of junk food availability, longer working hours, less time spent together at the dinner table, and advertising has created a society that is largely sedentary and eager for the next empty calorie.

Are You Suffering From a Sugar Addiction?

Recent studies conclude that sugar operates on our brains in a very similar way to certain drugs. The chemical processes involved in breaking down sugar also mean that we can become addicted to it and seek it out. This leads us to eat more and more foods that are just not good for our brains or our bodies and places us at risk of developing all manner of chronic health problems.

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

There are plenty of fad diets out there that promise the world but deliver very little. The problem is that these diets will often cause us to lose weight quickly but we will rapidly put it back on when we stop the diet. The good news is that seeing a nutritionist in Hove may just be the answer.

The tailored diet and exercise plan that a nutritionist can provide offers the following benefits:

  • A weight loss and exercise plan that is customised just for you and your body
  • Healthier weight loss over time that builds good eating habits

A customised program addresses the needs of each individual and takes into account his or her healthy weight and what his or her body needs. By developing better eating habits using this approach, one is more likely to keep the weight off and remain healthy!

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