The Many Reasons Why Vaping Is a Great Way of Helping to Quit Cigarettes


Vaping has been hailed by many health professionals and institutes as an excellent way of helping smokers to quit the habit. If you’ve already tried all of the methods currently on the market designed to help you to stop smoking, but found that none of them have worked, maybe it is time to give vaping a go. Here are some of the many reasons why vaping can help you to quit cigarettes.

What is an E-cigarette?

Vaping is done using an electronic cigarette that produces vapors from an aerosol mist. It is a handheld device that creates the sensation of smoking using e-liquids which are usually made up of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and a variety of flavours. You can also purchase e-liquids which don’t contain any nicotine at all. There are many other ways to help you quit smoking, but studies such as the Cochrane review have highlighted the benefits of using electronic cigarettes as a good alternative. Other examples of smoking cessation techniques include:

  • Going cold turkey
  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Hypnotic therapy


If you don’t go cold turkey, vaping is easily one of the cheapest methods of cessation in comparison to some of the other options mentioned above. If you plan to vape in aus, there are numerous companies online who can supply state of the art devices which are reasonably priced and can be sent out to your home in a matter of days. In addition, you can vape using 0% nicotine cartridges, you’ll save even more money when refilling your e juice.

Psychological Attachment

One of the main reasons why smokers find it so difficult to quit is because they’ve formed an emotional attachment to cigarettes, the physical act of putting a cigarette in your mouth, inhaling on the butt and exhaling out the smoke is what becomes a normal part of a smoker’s day. It is a repetitious act that forms a type of muscle memory sequence that is missed when you decide to give up. Vaping still allows a smoker to carry out the act of smoking without using a traditional cigarette, when use an e cig you go through the same movements but over time you can eliminate the need for nicotine.


If you want to try vaping in Australia, there are multiple sites online which can provide you with information and offers on all kinds of e cigs. You don’t need a prescription to try this method and starter packs are reasonably priced in comparison to other smoking cessation methods. Before you consult with a doctor, why not try vaping? It is a proven alternative and it won’t cost you a substantial amount.

Giving up traditional cigarettes is a challenging experience, trying to kick any addiction can be extremely difficult. Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative method in contrast to other more well documented methods of smoking cessation practices. The most notable advantages of using e cigs is that you can reduce the level of nicotine while still holding on to the psychological attachment.

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