The Dangers Of Opiate Addiction

Opiates have been around for thousands of years. They are actually an ancient form of medicine that has long been used to manage pain. While they have a long and beneficial history of being medically valid, they also have begun to become extremely popular in the recreational drug community as a way to get high and avoid the realities of life.

After catching on in the world of drug users, it has now become an epidemic that is responsible for thousands of deaths per year. While this drug does have an insidious nature, it is also one that many people are looking to quit by joining an opiate rehab in florida.

While opiates remain a very valid form of medicine when taken correctly, they leave a lot of room for abuse. There are actually only two forms of opiates that are ever prescribed by doctors. These medicines are codeine and morphine. Unfortunately, these classes of drugs also include heroin and opium. According to recently published Opiate Addiction Statistics, there are just over 2.5 million people in the United States over the age of 12 who are addicted to some form of opiates. This has gone far beyond an epidemic and has become a pandemic.

Doctors in the current medical community believe that the addiction to opiates stems from a disorder located in the central nervous system. When continuous opiate use occurs, the body ceases to make endorphins, which are natural painkillers the body produces. When the addiction continues for long periods of time, the human body ceases even the ability to make the endorphins due to the fact it is receiving the painkilling hormones from outside sources.

In those people who are addicted to opiates, the opiate receptors which are found naturally in the body actually increase in size. This increase means a subsequent stronger need for the high that the opiates bring. The side effects of opiate addiction are many and can interfere with the ability to lead a normal and productive life. These side effects include a state of intense euphoria immediately followed by a bout of equally severe depression, judgment about actions and situations which simply do not make any sense almost as if the person is living in their own alternate reality, the person’s body will have severe physical reactions such as rapid heartbeat and a sense of restlessness along with slurred speech. When the addict takes the drug, they will feel an obvious sense of euphoria but they will also feel like their limbs are quite heavy as well as having intense dryness in the mouth.

Unfortunately, there are very real physical dangers when withdrawing from any sort of opiate narcotics. The withdrawal process can be very painful and in some cases, if the person is in poor physical health and they are in an unsupervised environment, the reactions may even be fatal. The instances of fatal withdrawals are extremely minimized when the addict is being treated at a opiate rehab in florida. This is why every single expert on drug addiction states that it is crucial for the patient be treated in a professional facility.

Experts also state that the addiction to opiates is actually a disease of the brain caused by verifiable physical changes to the brain. When the drug is taken to get high, it must be taken in increasingly larger doses to achieve the same effects that were originally achieved when the drug was first taken. Due to this, deaths from overdoses are increasingly common among the drug-taking community.

For the best chance of recovery from the clutches of drug addiction, there should be treatment procured at a licensed and certified professional rehab facility. The person should be in the state of mind to enroll themselves as forced detox methods rarely ever work. This is because the patient has not yet come to the conclusion that they need help or that they have hit rock bottom. While very sad to see, it is beyond the control of the loved ones in the family or the friends of the addict. They can only try to be a positive light in the life of the addict so that they can enroll in treatment correctly.

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