Pregnancy leukorrhea and what it is all about

The major benefit of pregnancy is not having periods for 9 months. This could stretch longer if you breastfeed. This does not mean that you will throw your pads away as leukorrhea pregnancy is round the corner. Before we precede ahead let us understand what leukorrhea is during pregnancy. It happens to be a vaginal discharge and a common pregnancy symptom. It points to the mothers that they are expecting.

During pregnancy why does vaginal discharge increase?

The moment you become pregnant, the body increases the production of estrogen hormone. This hormone is known to support your developing baby and nourishes them. The flow of blood to the pelvic region is enhanced and mucous membranes are stimulated. If there is a drippy nose, then the blame could be passed over to the pregnancy hormones. The combination of all hormonal activities makes a mother feel much down than they normally would.

With increase in discharge could be a cause of concern, the situation is that most cases it is harmless and normal. When it is leukorrhea by ensuring a balanced PH your developing baby is protected. The good bacteria in the birth canal and vaginal area are also protected.

Unhealthy discharge and normal leukorrhea

Normal discharge is somewhat like what you come across in your regular cycle. A thin, off white or white with or without odour is a typical indication of leukorrhea.

If the vaginal discharge is greenish or yellow, accompanied by smell then it is a confirmed infection. If you experience burning or itching, then you can get in touch with your doctor about these symptoms. A doctor may also provide you with medications in treating these infections. Also get in touch with your doctor if you notice blood on an immediate basis. Brown or pink spotting during pregnancy is common if it is a day or two after intercourse. But cramping or a heavy inflow of blood could indicate a serious problem. It would be prudent on your part to check a symptom if you are not sure about it.

How to cope up with leukorrhea?

In most situations increased discharge is healthy and common at the same time. This is not going to make it all the more comfortable as well. In coping up with a few tricks in managing this annoying discharge the follow tips could be adhered to

  • Wear panty liners or pads. If you are able to change into something comfortable it is all the good
  • Wear breathable and loose clothing. A little bit of air circulation is healthy
  • Any scented perfumes or douches should be left on the shelf itself. The vagina is known to perform a great job in cleaning and maintaining itself. If you want to really clean it then use warm water or let it clean itself by the process of mucus.
  • Be sure to find out when it is not leukorrhea. A sudden gush of water could point to urine or water breaking in the last stages of pregnancy as well. This would indicate that the time of delivery has arrived.

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