How to Treat Snoring for Good

Snoring is an embarrassing problem that many of us suffer from, or rather that our partners have to suffer with. A severe snoring problem can lead to a lack of sleep all around, which in turn can cause fatigue, irritability and relationship issues. With the potential to have such a profound effect on your life, it’s no wonder that so many people are on the hunt for the magic cure to snoring. If you’ve already tried getting new pillows, amending your sleeping position, and even earplugs to no effect, then it may be time to take a more targeted approach. But before we get started, what causes this problem in the first place?

The Cause of Snoring

When we go to sleep our bodies relax, and for some of us the relaxation of our mouth, throat and tongue muscles can be the root of snoring issues. As these muscles relax, the loose skin at the back of your mouth can become slack and cause an obstruction to the airways. This can lead to the loud and laboured breathing that is often heard through snoring.

The Problem

Although many snorers are not even aware that they are doing it, in more severe cases the sleeper can experience disrupted sleep as they awaken at the sound of their own snoring. Although they may not recollect this on waking, it can cause chronic fatigue if not identified. Apart from the effects on the sleepers themselves, snoring can also cause a big problem for partners or family who are living in the same house. Snoring unfortunately has a tendency to get worse over time, so it is best dealt with in its early stages.

Laser Treatment

Luckily, modern technology has advanced to such a stage that we might have that magic cure in our sights. Fotona laser treatment for sleep apnea reduction works to tighten the tissue in the throat and increase collagen production in this area. This non-invasive treatment has the ability to improve support in your airways and even widen them, thus reducing the likelihood of obstruction whilst you sleep and combatting the source of snoring.

How Long Does It Take?

Although laser treatment is not a guaranteed cure, a majority of patients report reductions in their snoring and some even manage to combat it entirely. Each session only takes a matter of minutes, although it may require multiple treatments to see significant results. These should be spaced three weeks apart, and the time it takes to see results varies depending on the patient and the severity of the problem.

Snoring may seem like a trivial complaint to many, but it can become a very real problem for those who have to live with it in everyday life. By targeting and correcting the source of the problem with laser treatment, you can stand a good chance of beating snoring for good.

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