How to keep your back healthy while driving?

Back pain is one of the issues that has not been solved since the first cars were produced, and to this day, people experience unpleasant sensations when driving for long periods of time.

Moreover, no matter how comfortable a car seat is, even if it is a car seat of an extremely luxurious car like BMW 5 after two hours of being in the same sitting position, you are likely to start feeling the heaviness in the lower back and experience a general discomfort. Plus, it is true not only for the driver, but also for the passengers, who are pretty much in the same condition as the driver is.

Typical mistakes when sitting in a car

The predetermining factor of improper sitting position is the fact that most drivers adjust their seating position not from the medical point of view, but in a way that is convenient for the driver himself, which is not the best thing for your health.

The most prominent indicators of improper seating position are a strongly reclined back – this is when a driver takes a half a lying position with the back of their head resting on the headrest. In this position, the upper part of the back – the neck and shoulders – is almost relaxed, and the waist, as a result, has to deal with all the pressure. Perhaps, it is more convenient to drive like this, but with time, you are likely to face the osteochondrosis disease.

The main thing is the correct seat adjustment

Before you go on a long journey, you should remember the things you were taught at a driving school. The chin should be slightly raised, the knees should be just above the thigh level. The back of the seat should be set so that your back fully touches it, but not just your shoulders. In addition, your loin should be pressed to the seat too. The back of the seat should not be reclined too far back, but on the contrary, it should be as close to the vertical position as possible, so that you can press your loin, shoulder blades, as well as your shoulders against it.
When driving

Even if you do not feel back pain at the moment and you are not tired, it is recommended you stop every two hours to resume blood flow to allow the muscles to relax. Therefore, doctors advise that you get out of the car and do some exercising for your back so that you will not have problems with it in the future. It is enough for you to bend back and forth several times to bring the spinal muscles in shape.

We hope you find our article useful and you will now take care of your back so that it stays healthy. In addition, if your current vehicle is rather old and it has some really bad seats, we recommend you check out some good & comfortable cars like Mazda 3.

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