Have You Been Screened for Colorectal Cancer

A colonoscopy is used to screen for colorectal cancer in adults. Whilst colorectal cancer is often diagnosed in older adults, it is vital that younger people get screened as well. Because this type of cancer is not suspected in younger people, it tends to go unnoticed until the condition reaches an advanced stage. Frequently, younger people who have the condition will complain about stomach aches or blood in their stools. However, in these situations, they are believed to have piles.

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms

That is why you need to have any suspected symptoms further investigated. The symptoms for colorectal cancer are virtually the same for all age groups and consist of the following complaints:

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Diarrhoea
  • Pain the in lower abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Loss of weight
  • An alteration in the stool

When to Schedule a Screening

Because colorectal cancer normally is diagnosed in older people, screenings are not started until a person turns 50 years old. However, if you are younger and the cancer has been diagnosed in your family, you need to have a screening done as early as age 40. If the risk is exceptionally high, a screening for colorectal cancer in Singapore should be scheduled in a person’s 20s.

How to Revamp Your Diet

Besides having a colonoscopy screening, you can also adopt preventative measures to lessen the risk of getting the cancer. For example, whether you are younger or older, you should eat a high-fibre diet that is supported by the inclusion of vegetables, fruits, or multi-grain foods such as unpolished rice or bread. You should also reduce the amount of foods containing saturated fat that you consume. Lowering your intake of red meat is also recommended.

Quit the Smoking Habit

In addition, it helps to perform exercises that aid in enhancing the blood flow. By taking this approach, you reduce the anxiety and stress in your life, which improves bowel movement and lessens the chance of gaining weight. Cutting any consumption of alcohol can also go a long way in lessening the risk of colorectal cancer. Heavy smoking is discouraged as well. If you are a young person who drinks heavily or smokes, you need to reduce your intake or quit now.

A Flexible Colonoscopy

A flexible colonoscopy is the best and most secure method for the screening of colorectal cancer. This type of procedure can be scheduled as a day surgery. During the procedure, any polyps that are found will be removed and abnormal growths will be biopsied.

Increasing Your Survival Rate

If you are diagnosed with the cancer early, your chances for recovery are good. After the disease reaches stage two, the rate for success substantially drops. If the disease reaches stage three, the chance for success again drops dramatically, with a survival rate of under 15%. If you are a young person who is at an increased risk, you need to make an appointment for a colonoscopy screening.

If you already have been diagnosed, colorectal procedures today are much less invasive. Only small incisions are made to treat various colorectal conditions, resulting in far less scarring, faster recovery times, and less discomfort overall.


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