Diagnosis Is the Key to Deal with Children with Autism

As estimated by the Centers for Disease Control that Autism is approximately 10 times more widespread than the figure found in early 1980s. The establishment further brings in the most scary information that the ratio of children have autism in the US is 1: 68. The California medical council reports that only in this State, the number of children having autism has touched double the figure from 1998 to 2002. This has surprised the medical experts that the growth rate of autism in children has exceeded even the rate of child cancer, juvenile obese or other critical syndrome. Globally this figure strikes 3-4 times excess in boys over girls.

Even though, this epidemical increase of the deadly disease is frightening enough, but it is appreciable that awareness among parents about Autism has increased significantly. In this regard physiotherapists and neuro-engineers similar to Dr. Curtis Cripe Arizona, now the Director Research and Development Cell, say that fast diagnosis and commencement of the therapy process is most significant for children with ASD. As per opinion of the neuroscientist that even decades back the maximum numbers of kids with mild symptoms of ASD were simply ignored or not diagnosed.

Later diagnosis just aggravates the issue and makes management of the disease more problematic and challenging for physicians from respective fields. Furthermore,  both the federal and state government departments are found more serious today while they convene various seminars on awareness building, programs for special check-up  of autistic kids and undertake other actions like offering special incentives and financial support to the societies and physicians for quick diagnose and rehabilitation.

Understanding Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is globally referred to as Autism, which demonstrates a set of extremely complex brain development disorder. Notably, it is said as spectrum disorder because the same disease in different kids shows wide dissimilarity in the way they act. Kids with ASD are found with distinct capabilities, complexities and symptoms; managing which is very much complicated. Expert psychologist and neuroscientist writes in his blog that even today people go with a number of misconceptions about ASD and its management systems. Thus, for parents, learning better all about the differences of the spectrum disorder can help them understand issues of their child and deal with the cases more effectively. Regular feedback from parents also helps therapists, teachers and physicians in helping the child to overcome their challenging activities more efficiently and in better way.

The esteemed neuroscientist, engineer and psychotherapist Curtis Cripe specialized in behavioral medicine is the creator of renowned Crossroads Institute headquartered in AZ. The rehab institute offers its unique services through twelve branch offices spreading over seven states of America. The community, for the first time has introduced rehabilitation program of mentally impaired people from kids to women and adults to elderly, bringing together unique scope of Internet systems and telemedicine training and solutions. Being the Chief of Research and Development department, NTL group his great inventions NeuroCodex and NeuroCoach software applications have been recognized as great resources for brain and cognitive therapy.

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