Act Quickly to Remove Cavities

Cavities develop on your teeth over time if you fail to maintain oral hygiene or regularly eat acidic and sugary foods, and they only grow worse over time as they create permanent damage to your teeth. Some refer to these areas of the tooth as tooth decay or caries, which may develop even with good oral hygiene due to bacteria in your mouth or failure to properly clean in the deeper recesses of your mouth. Regardless of the cause, you must act quickly upon discovery of a cavity if you want to avoid more complex procedures such as a root canal or even a tooth extraction.

Common Symptoms

  • Adults well into their middle-age years often fail to notice the signs of a cavity, even if they discover multiple cavities after a visit to Chelmsford dentists in their area.
  • Tooth sensitivity will often become the first sign of trouble, which may worsen when you eat cold or hot foods and touch them directly to the affected area.
  • When you eat sweet foods, you may experience a sudden sharp pain in the affected tooth, a sure sign the cavity already reached the sensitive soft tissue within the tooth.

Regular Visits

It may not become obvious you have a cavity for some months or even years, and you must visit a dentist biannually to ensure this development will never go unnoticed. A cavity will cause permanent damage to your tooth, but a dentist will remove the affected area, clean it properly and remove the root if necessary, and then fill the hole with a porcelain crown to restore the structure and strength of the original tooth. The difference will prove to be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.


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