8 Interesting Health Benefits Of Consuming Marijuana: See What Lies Beneath

Do you like to consume marijuana? Are you wondering about the impact it has on your body? Smoking weed has many health benefits.

Here are the boons of consuming marijuana.

# Improves health of lungs

Marijuana is generally smoked. For this reason, many people think that it is harmful for the lungs. However, recent studies have proved that marijuana enhances the capacity of lungs.

# Cures depression

Another study found that people who smoke marijuana suffer from reduced levels of depression. Those who do not smoke weed have a greater tendency to suffer from depression.

# Fights diabetes

Some diabetic patients are at the risk of rejecting insulin. An element found in marijuana called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) assists the body in absorbing insulin. The study also showed that those who consume weed had 17% lesser resistance towards insulin.

# Decreases symptoms of epilepsy

If marijuana is administered on someone with epilepsy, he or she will have a healthier life. Weed does not have any negative impact on an epileptic patient. It is said that epilepsy affects at least 1% of the entire population of the world. Tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana can check convulsions in an epileptic patient.

# Helps treat cancer

Marijuana has been used to prevent the spread of blood cancer for years. This drug has the property to turn off the production of the gene that produces cancer cells.

Also, certain aggressive cancer forms are stopped by using marijuana. There is a compound in weed that halts the genetic process of metastasis in those aggressive cancer types.

# Corrects anxiety disorders

A compound in weed sedates the person using it. As a result, the user falls off to sleep and when he or she wakes up, he or she is in a fresh mood. Thus, weed has the capability to reduce tension and anxiety.

# Assists in curing AIDS in apes

Research conducted in the field of AIDS has proved that marijuana can treat patients suffering from this disease. The experiment was conducted on monkeys and it was found to work on them. THC was administered in high doses to a group of some monkeys suffering from AIDS. Another group of monkeys suffering from the disease was not treated with THC. It was discovered that the first group had more healthy cells than the second group of monkeys. However, the experiment has not yet been tried on humans and, thus, its effect on Homo sapiens is not known.

# Treats glaucoma

Marijuana is also helpful in checking the growth of glaucoma. The patient can consume it by smoking or as intravenous. Research has proved that the pressure of the eyes decreases when marijuana enters the body. The positive effect of weed was established many years ago when it was found that marijuana could reduce IOP (intraocular pressure) in people with glaucoma.

# Delays onslaught of Alzheimer’s disease

Amyloid plaque is responsible for the damage of brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients. The plaque is created by an enzyme. THC in weed can block this plaque creating enzyme. Sometimes, protein gets accumulated in the nervous system. This clump can damage cell membranes of nervous cells. Weed prevents such clumps that can cause Alzheimer’s disease and delays the development of the disease.

Hence, it can be concluded that marijuana is quite useful and has medical benefits. It is not as harmful as it is considered.

Author Bio – Lisa Brigance has written several articles for Rocky Mountain Remedies. Her articles have helped many smokers of cannabis realize its benefits.


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