5 Important Points to be noted While Choosing the Hair Transplants

The problem of hair loss or pattern baldness is one of the most awakening issues among hair loss patients as it affects ones’ looks and personality. The hair loss is a devastating condition when it is a hereditary, caused loss in the form of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. The problem of hereditary hair loss is rated on the Norwood scale that is classified into 7 categories. These categories tell us the extent of baldness and the needed treatment solution that is recommended by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The hair transplant in Jaipur has a significant role in the hair transplant world that offers the core value of the surgery as the topmost Surgeons and Doctors are here who is known for the quality treatment in the restoration zone.

Here we are describing the 5 important Points that must keep in our mind while choosing the Hair Transplant as a final Option to treat the baldness:

  1. Who is the Performing Surgeon: The hair transplant Surgeon must have M.S and M Ch degree to perform the particular task of restoration. You need to check the qualifications as well as the experience of the Surgeon before selecting them for the final procedure. It is advisable to go through many restoration portals and site to confirm the expertise of a Surgeon. The feedback space of the patients tells us about the proficiency of the Surgeon and assures about their performance helps in choosing the best one for the treatment.
  2. Which is the Hair Transplant Clinic: It is very important to choose the hair transplant clinic carefully. The record performance given by the clinic must be carefully cross-checked via the restoration portals and forum. The performance of the clinic can check through their website links, where past patients share their experience and review to tell a brief about their treatment experience.
  3. Pre-procedure Consultation is Mandatory: The pre-procedure consultation helps in the evaluating process in terms of assessing the scalp condition as well as the anatomical and physiological status of the patient. The pre-procedure consultation helps in analyzing the state of baldness and address the problem with a feasible technique, either by the FUT or FUE.
  4. The Suitable Technique of the Procedure: Usually, the FUT technique offers the best outcomes in terms of a number of grafts and their sustainability that sort out the problem of hair loss permanently. So, it is better to choose those Surgeons who are expert in performing the FUT technique of the restoration as it is an only method to get over the problem of genetic hair loss/baldness permanently. The FUT/strip harvesting involves the excision of the strip of the skin from the safe donor area, usually, the back and sides of the scalp that offers the DHT-resistant hair roots that retain their resistant characteristic despite being transplanted to another location.
  5. The Record Performance of the Surgeon: How will you get to know about the performance of the surgeon is now not a big deal as there is a lot of options to explore the same. It is advisable to go through some reputed restoration’s forums and portals to check the performance detail of the Surgeon. The Surgeon must have active membership from the renowned reputed portals, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration needs a special concern related to pre-and post-procedure planning, arrangement and treatment measure, either surgical or medical that meet the desired treatment goal in order to sort out the problem of baldness permanently.

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