3 Ways in which CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) improves your intimacy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are so many couples who approach counselors because of the fact that their relationships are suffering and so are they. The person could be a teenager who suffers from this intensive social anxiety which prevents him from spending time with friends, or it could even be a woman with depression who finds it tough to share things with her partner. No matter which kind of relationship you are in, it is hard to maintain them if you’re hurting each other.

Did you know that effective therapy could help improve your relationships? Cognitive behavioral therapy has been tested to have several benefits for not only the person who is undergoing the therapy but also for the ones who stay close to them. Here are some important points.

#1: Increased presence: No matter how much you speak about presence, it falls less as the most important thing to maintain a relationship is your presence. One of the biggest complaints about most couples is that one of them doesn’t have time for the other. There are times when the partner literally feels that his partner is absent. CBT trains mindfulness where the person understands the mind of the person he or she is living with. This makes him empathetic towards the reasons the partner gives for not being able to be present.

#2: Reduction of anxiety: Whenever you become anxious, you are at your worst self. If your anxiety disorder is left untreated, this will take a toll on your closest relationship. There is a chronic sense of worry among the people who suffer from anxiety and hence this causes instant conflicts between partners. CBT or this therapy can relieve a person from anxiety and help in boosting intimacy between partners.

#3: Better mood: Just as anxiety spoils a relationship, untreated depression will also worsen your mood and it will take a toll on the relationship of couples. When we have little or no energy left, little enthusiasm for activities, reduced sex drive and lack of interest even in your hobbies, this means that you’re depressed. If you undergo CBT for 12-16 weeks, you will be able to function more effectively. When you’re happier, this will also have an impact on your relationship as well.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the best ways in which you can improve intimacy, you may take a look at e-counseling.com – 5 steps to improve intimacy. For more details, you may get in touch with a reputed therapist who can treat your condition.

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